With an Artado Developers account, you can share your applications, games, and art with people on Artado Store.


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Publish your game or application with Artado Store.

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Share the themes and logos you created for Artado or Nova with people.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can share your product on Artado Store by creating an Artado Developers account.

You can share your games, applications, themes, and Artado logos on Artado Store.

No, you can share up to 5 games and 5 applications for free on Artado Store. This means a total of 10 products. Currently, Artado Store is in beta, so you cannot share more than 10 products. After the beta period ends, you'll need to pay a certain fee to share more than 10 products. However, exceptions can be made. During the beta phase, you can contact us to share more products. This restriction applies only to games and applications. There are no such restrictions for workshop products (add-ons, themes, logos).

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot provide an exact duration. However, Artado Store will remain in beta for a few months.

During the beta period, all products will be shared for free. After beta, you can publish your product for a fee.